Today, July 28, 2012, is the one-year anniversary of the launching (or re-launching) of this site. We first went on line with “The Brown Bible” in March of 2009. In a little over two years, it became apparent that our time with that site was limited. Fatal errors were more and more frequent and there didn’t seem to be any fix for it. I asked Cal Bower with One Of A Kind Websites to build us a new site. He did an admirable job and completed the project in time for us to copy all the articles over to the new site. All the stats are from one year ago to the present. It is a completely new site. As of this moment, our visitor counter shows 182,888 visits.

I have been perplexed by the lack of comments since establishing the new site. We had hundreds of valuable comments on the old one (and unfortunately, didn’t get them saved), but since establishing the new site there have been relatively few. The process seems equally easy, so I have yet to learn what the difference is. Clue me in if you know why.

The primary purpose for establishing the site was to help get the Word out on the gift of righteousness. Rightness before God is a gift paid for by Jesus Christ. We accept him and God accepts us. It has nothing to do with our works. Hardly anyone believes this. They preach works for salvation, or teach it is a gift BUT…. There are no “buts” on this site.

I have recorded a number of audio teachings but have yet to figure out how to post them. Once I learn, there will be a significant amount of new material.

God bless you all, and thank you for your interest.


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