Just so you know, some of the statistics on our site are skewed, some in one direction and some in the other.

On the one hand, there are articles showing 100 or fewer hits that have actually been opened thousands of times. The major flurry of activity was before late July of 2011. All records before that time have been erased. The vast majority of our articles have been opened many more times than the current number of hits would indicate.

On the other hand, our visitors counter is unfiltered. It is counting only from late July 2011 up to the present, rather from March 2009. It is, however, counting all visits including bots (programs that surf the net looking for places to deposit spam). I have been told that for an unfiltered counter, one can estimate that about 20% of the counted visits are humans actually viewing the site. So as of this writing, our counter shows a bit less than 70,000 visits in less than 4 months. We can estimate that that is about 14,000 human visits, about 3,500 per month.

As far as the stats on the donations are concerned, donations have been enough to pay for the site so far. 100% of all donations have gone to that end (would not have taken nearly as much if we had not had to do the site over, starting from scratch). I work a full-time job and cannot afford to go part time so as to be able to put more time into the Biblical research and publication on this site, but I am very thankful that my time and energy have been enough while others have partnered with the expenses. Thanks to all.

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