Those of you who are registered to receive our newsletter might have noticed that you are past due to receive one. All of your e-mail addresses have been lost. It won’t really matter much since on our new set-up, we have a news section. I’ll post updates from time to time. Thank you for your interest.

“How could we have lost all the addresses,” you ask. Our old web site crashed slowly. It never completely went down. There was no discernable difference to our guests, but for a period of time, the administration section was inaccessible. During this time, my computer crashed. I had saved the newsletter mailing list in a folder in my Earthlink e-mail program. Anticipating the crash, I had registered for Carbonite back up. It did its job, saving the e-mail database as well as all other files. My old computer was running on Windows XP. I upgraded to Windows 7 for the new one. Unfortunately, Earthlink did not upgrade their software to run on windows 7. The database is still there but cannot be accessed. All e-mail is lost.

I have had some great conversations with a number of you and have benefited from your Biblical insights. I am deeply saddened that the record of those conversations is lost, though I remember much from them.

God Bless You.

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